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Carmen Genie Music Factory (CGMF) specializes in producing well-crafted songs for artists seeking major label sound on a budget.  We work with artists around the world to create songs that convey their true creative potential.  At Carmen Genie we know that there is an element of magic that goes into producing a hit song and we strive to kindle that magic in every production process.  We are artists with a passion for making great music and this is a quality we hope we share with you.  We look forward to working with you on your next project.

About George Guy

tl_files/content/guy.jpgGeorge Guy founded Carmen Genie Music Factory with the vision of connecting with talented artists all over the world and helping them realize their full creative potential.  He is immensely passionate about making great music and CGMF was created for that sole purpose – a commitment to making great music.

Music has always served as a getaway for George Guy.  As a child, music became a medium for George to transport himself to places and times he envisioned. Music is the avenue to his fantasy world; a world that transcends life’s daily challenges.  George's unique talent and creativity have been honed over several years beginning with his early days as a DJ in New York City.  As a DJ, George listened to vast amount of songs and built a musical palette that would leave music aficionados impressed.  George draws inspiration from any and everything - from his days as a child growing up in Nigeria, West Africa, to his days as a DJ in New York City.  This can be seen in the versatility he brings to his songs - trascending different music genres and eras, sometimes all in a song.  George is inspired by talented artists; it his hope that the music he creates also inspire...